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Caframo designs, develops and manufactures high quality fans, heaters, lighting and specialty products. We construct our products with the highest quality and greatest care. We pride ourselves on making high-end, unique products. We research, design, develop and manufacture in Canada for the world.


Feel warmer…live warmer…be warmer with a genuine Caframo Ecofan. Ecofans are the genuine heat powered stove fans,  designed to sit on top of a free standing stove.  They create their own electricity, increasing the flow of warm heated air into your living space and allow you to feel the heat up to 38% faster!

JOI Lamp

The JOI lamp provides magical lighting – anytime, anywhere.  JOI uses thermoelectric technology to transform the energy of a tea light candle into enough light to illuminate your night. Designed to be a contemporary centerpiece with style that appeals to all. JOI gives you a unique and useful light source indoors and out. Light up your life – all with a single tea light candle!

Caframo Comfort Solutions

Caframo Comfort Solutions provides products that make your space more comfortable. We have all of the airflow answers in the office, kitchen or living room. AC fans to keep the air flowing. Heaters to warm those drafty areas.  Boot dryers, so you don’t have to put on wet, cold boots or skates. Live comfortably. You deserve it.

Caframo Marine

The Caframo Marine line of products has been developed to improve your personal boating environment, allowing you to feel a breeze on the calmest day.  Our unrivalled line of airflow products have been designed, tested and built for demanding marine use so you can cruise in comfort.