Hate shivering while you wait for heat from your wood stove to circulate through your home? Why not expand your comfort zone with an Ecofan, the original heat-powered, wood stove fan?

Meet Ecofan

The genuine Ecofan is designed to sit atop of a free-standing stove and circulate warm air into your home increasing your comfort up to 38% faster

Ecofans have been tested and proven to reduce fuel usage and lessen your environmental footprint by up to 18% with more efficient distribution of heat from your wood stove

No Electricity needed! Ecofans generate their own power by converting the heat from your wood stove into electricity

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Compare Ecofan models to find the right one for you.


  • Bought an Ecofan after watching a tv series about Alaska and they had them. Wouldn't ever buy another stove fan.
    Facebook, UK, 2017
  • My wood burning does not have a blower and I wanted to spread the heat further in my house from it, so I bought this fan. I was shocked how it made the heat blow and warm my house better. No cords and it's so quiet. Wish I would of bought this years ago. I've only had it a few months but I love it! Makes a big difference.
    Michigan, USA
  • This silent little fan is distributing the heat from our basement… Stove nicely throughout our large bi-level home. We are running the stove on the lowest setting most of the time now, saving wood, and the upstairs is much more comfortable.
    Amazon, 2016
  • “A few years back I bought the Original Ecofan which is still up and running (despite one fall). I wanted to buy another Original but ended up with an AirMax which is better yet, moves even faster and is, of course, absolutely silent. They sit on each side of my flue and winter got a whole lot better!”
    Amazon, 2016

Why Ecofan

Over 20 years of proven results. Ecofans are the original heat powered stove fan and proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, where winter happens.