Selection Guide

Whether you are heating a small room or the entire home for winter, the Ecofan family includes a stove fan model to suit every room size.

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Original Ecofan

Ecofan UltAir

Ecofan AirMax

Ecofan BelAir

Stove Type Wood Stove Wood Stove Wood Stove Gas, pellet, soapstone (Low Temperature)
Room Size up to 120ft 2 up to 240ft 2 All Room Sizes up to 240ft 2
CFM(cu. ft. of air per min.) 100 CFM 125 CFM 175 CFM 140 CFM
Warmer up to 20% faster up tp 31% faster up to 38% faster up to 38% faster
Fuel Savings up to 12% up to 14% up to 18%
Stove Top Surface Temp. 230°F - 650°F
(110°C - 345°C)
212°F - 650°F
(100°C - 345°C)
185°F - 650°F
(85°C - 345°C)
167°F - 392°F
(75°C - 200°C)
Blade Colours Black Black, Nickel, Gold Black, Nickel, Gold Black, Nickel, Gold