Thermologi JOI, an ingenious new lighting product for outdoor living was presented a Design Excellence Award for outdoor lighting at the ICFA Awards Reception held on September 13 in the Ballroom of the School of Art Institute of Chicago.

The ICFA Design Excellence Awards competition recognizes products for their overall design, as well as their marketability, innovation, color, construction and imaginative use of materials.

What makes JOI so remarkable is that it doesn’t use batteries, solar or plug-in electricity to create its light. Instead, it uses a unique power source that is easy to use, economical and found in most every home – the common tea light candle.

JOI uses thermoelectric technology to transform the energy of a simple tea light into enough light to illuminate the outdoor living space. The average tea light candle will power the Thermologi JOI for about 4 hours.

“JOI is the first in our new line of thermoelectric powered products being released under our Canadian-made Thermologi brand” says Elliott Good, Sales & Marketing Manager at Caframo Limited, makers of JOI. “The goal of our Thermologi brand is to develop thermoelectric powered products that will deliver practical solutions to consumer’s challenges in a truly ingenious way. JOI redefines how consumers can use their outdoor living spaces at night.”

To operate, the user opens the front glass door, inserts a tea light into the holder, lights the candle and closes the door. Within minutes JOI begins to convert the heat of the tea light candle into an incredible 70-plus lumens of light through the 8 high-efficiency LED’s. An astounding 18 times the light generated by a tea light candle!

With the product in its closed position, the LED’s mounted in the “roof” of JOI’s “house” design provide the perfect amount of light for ambiance on the tabletop. The lamp head or “roof” can also be extended on its telescoping arms to allow an entire table to be illuminated for dining and entertaining. Constructed of stainless steel, glass and aluminum, JOI has been built to withstand the outdoor environment.

Caframo, who are the creators of JOI are best known for their unique Ecofan wood stove fans that also use thermoelectric technology to create electricity from the surface heat of a woodstove and then drive a fan which distributes the warm air throughout a room to increase the level of comfort and allow fuel savings.