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Work’n Play

Model 7801CAGBX

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  • About

    Keep your family warm and dry. The Work’n Play Drying Station dries your boots, shoes or gloves year round. It includes a built in tray with glove dryers that keeps water and mess on the tray instead of the floor. The Drying Station dries up to 1 pair of boots and gloves simultaneously, or 2 pairs of boots. Ideal for families with small children, athletes, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts.  CSA approved to US and Canadian standards. Safe for use on all footwear materials 120 AC Volts, 60HZ – 300 watts. One year warranty.

  • Features


    • Dual action heat & air
    • Built in boot tray with glove holders and stand
    • Digital timer with push button control up to 8 hrs of drying time
    • Ice skate blade holders
    • Ability to turn heat off (air only)
    • 15 min. ‘warm to wear’ setting
    • Extendable drying tubes
    • Tested to applicable US and Canadian standards


    • Comfortable footwear and gloves
    • Removes moisture & odours
    • Boots/gloves sit upright so water drips into tray
    • Dry multiple boots/gloves at same time
    • Free-standing station keeps room tidy
    • ‘No heat’ option protects custom liners and delicate leathers

  • Specs



    Product Size

    14″(l) x 24.5″(w) x 21″(h) in

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