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Model 9510CABBX

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    Extend the boating season and protect your engine against surprise cold snaps prior to winterization. The Pali utilizes a self-regulating PTC heating element that cannot overheat. It meets all ignition protection guidelines and standards to allow it to be safely used in the marine engine compartment.
    It is the only heater of its type fully safety compliant to UL and CSA standards.

    Omnidirectional Airflow:
    Air flows in all directions to more evenly distribute warmth throughout the engine compartment.

    Dual Airflow Redundancy:
    Twin fans increase the reliability of the Pali, ensuring your engine is protected during a cold snap.

    Impinged Air Technology:
    Enables integration of omnidirectional airflow and dual airflow redundancy within a compact design that fits in most engine compartments.

    Quick Release Bracket included
    The positive lock bracket mounts to any flat surface. The Pali can be attached easily or removed quickly to store.

    The Pali utilizes an internal hermetically sealed thermostat to turn the heater on before 41°F (5°C) and off before 60°F (15°C). Continuously protects engine compartments up to 80 cubic feet at -4°F (-20°C) outside ambient temperature.

  • Specs



    Product Size

    9″(l) x 5″(w) x 4.8″(h) in

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  • Features


    • Ignition protected design
    • Safe self-regulated PTC heaters
    • Impinged air technology
    • Dual airflow redundancy
    • Omnidirectional airflow discharge
    • Safe hermetically sealed thermostat
    • Quick release mounting bracket (included)
    • 20 ft power cord
    • Benefits

      • Safe – thermostat activates when engine compartment temperature drops to 41°F (5°C)
      • Heater will not overheat
      • Reduces corrosion
      • Compact design fits most engine compartments
      • A more reliable engine compartment heater
      • More uniform engine heating
      • Air flows in all directions to more evenly distribute warmth