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Sirocco (Discontinued)

Model 807CAWBX

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  • About

    The best cabin fan available in the marine market! The model 807 Sirocco 12 and 24 Volt fans feature a unique gimbaled design that allows airflow to be directed in any direction of the cabin – 360°. The Sirocco can also be folded flat and out of the way against the bulkhead when not in use. With its multiple speeds, timer settings and quiet operation there is no other marine fan that can match the Sirocco’s performance. It truly is the premium choice for comfortable cabins and salons.

    Please note that this product has been replaced by the Sirocco II.

  • Specs


    Black, White

    Product Size

    3.5″(l) x 9.5″(w) x 12″(h) in

  • Features


    • Unique gimbaled design
    • Three speed push button control
    • Ultra quiet
    • long-life motor
    • Four preset timer settings (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours)
    • Timer indicator lights and automatic dimming
    • Draws less than 0.4 amps at high speed


    • Allows full 360° rotation for limitless positioning
    • Quiet
    • comfortable cabins
    • Efficient use of space
    • Battery-friendly
    • Matches any boat interior
    • Easy to install

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